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Case Studies

For confidentiality reasons, the names used in the following case studies have been changed;

Mrs Brown on behalf of her elderly mother

– An example of long-term care planning

Mrs Brown's mother had recently had to enter into long term residential care. The family were now facing a shortfall between her mother's pension and the £850 per week care fees. Her parents' house had been sold a few years previously and Mrs Brown's mother had been cared for by her daughter at home. Acting under Power of Attorney, Mrs Brown requested advice on how the shortfall could be met.

We formulated a cash flow modelling forecast that demonstrated the need for income both in the short term and longer term. We factored in the expected increase in care home fees in the future as well as annual increases to her pension income.

We provided investment advice on a lump sum investment that would provide income sufficient to meet the shortfall for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, we were able to demonstrate the investment amount required was easily affordable by Mrs Brown's mother from the proceeds of her house sale.

We are pleased to say that investment returns to date have been very pleasing and the shortfall in care fees has been able to be met without erosion of Mrs Brown's mother's capital. This has meant that the estate retains the full value of the investment. The family realise that in times when investment returns are not so good, they may see some erosion of capital by regularly reviewing the investment and ensuring that the investments are not subject to too high a degree of risk, we can help keep this to a minimum.

The Thompson family

– An example of inheritance tax and post bereavement financial planning

After the death of her husband, Mrs Thompson was introduced to Eugénie by her solicitor as she had inherited a myriad of shares and investments from her late husband. After assisting with the probate process and working in conjunction with Mrs Thompson's adult children, Eugénie structured the investments in such a way that they were straight forward to the now 90 year old Mrs Browning to understand. It was clear from the first meeting that there was likely to be a significant inheritance tax liability on Mrs Thompson's death. In the first instance, a deed of variation was organised to preserve the late Mr Thompson's Nil Rate Band in full. On Eugenie's advice and with the approval of her solicitor, Mrs Thompson then went on to make significant gifts to her family.

Eugénie deals with most of Mrs Thompson's financial paperwork, visiting her regularly to ensure that she has everything she needs. The inheritance tax plans put in place 8 years ago by Eugénie have been extremely successful in terms of passing wealth down the generations of the family. It has been a pleasure seeing the results of sound financial planning and the full commitment of the family to follow the plans. As a result, a significant amount of inheritance tax will be saved on Mrs Thompson's death.

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